PORTUGAL 2021 (ON AIR)

What does our immediate behavior say about our deepest prejudices and stereotypes?

At a time when diversity is seen as a challenge for society, “Not So Secret Dinner” aims to decode, make taboo topics accessible and relatable to help demystify stigma and prejudice. No forbidden subjects as anything can be discussed with – and only with – kindness and we aim to expose the existing biases humans hold on to, knowing that many times these biases operate on an unconscious level.

The show is structured as a 4 course menu.
1- Appetizer: A Taste of the bias of the theme / issue
Vox pop people with prejudgements or bias on the topic are interviewed

2- Pre-dinner drinks: Vox Pop Interviewees and profiled representatives sit down and have a drink, they get to know each other more. Prior to dinner we interview with participants to find out if their opinion has changed?

3-Main Course: 4 guests from the profiled group who have been the victims of the bias are invited to a seated dinner table. Before the main course, history of the topic, is represented with a short montage clip with archive footage and news. Guests are invited to share their experience, the obstacles they’re facing either because of regulations or because of common ignorance on the subject, and their suggestions for better inclusion.

4- Dessert: The night ends with a sweet note and a question each guest needs to answer. If they were to be in charge or in power what would be their first action?

The show is not a confrontation but more like a safe cosy environment for people to exercise in debate where our society is and what we can all do for change and transformation.