lucid • \LOO-sid\ • adjective. 

1: suffused with light,  luminous, translucent
2: having full use of one’s faculties, sane
3:clear to the understanding : intelligible.

dream • /driːm/ • Noun • Verb 

1: a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep
2: an experience of waking life having the characteristics of a dream: such as a visionary, a state of mind marked by abstraction or release from reality , an object seen in a dreamlike state
3: Vision, a strongly desired goal or purpose, something that fully satisfies a wish
4: Ideal


As our name “Lucid Dream” indicates, we bring the two “Lucid” and “Dream” together, to create the experience in line with our vision for media and entertainment industry.


lucid dream • / (ˈluːsɪd driːm) / Noun.

a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming and can sometimes influence the course of the dream. The dreamer even be able to control how the action unfolds, as if he/she is directing a movie in their sleep.

As Lucid Dream Entertainment we want to dream, want to direct our dreams towards our lucid goals and live the experience as vivid as possible. 

Lucid Dreaming is good for less anxiety, better motor skills and improved problem solving, and more creativity and that’s our mission.


Lucid Dream Entertainment founded by Nilufer Kuyel, is a global distribution company with expertise in original content development, working hand in hand with creators across groundbreaking projects to match them with the best partners in the industry. With many years of experience in all facets of the industry Nilufer has an incredible ability to find hidden gem formats and turn them into hit shows.

In line with Lucid Dream’s vision, Nilufer was among the first in the world to see the value in acquiring non-English-speaking scripted content that went on to be a global hit. The catalog contains hit traveling formats such as “40 Questions” along with a variety of unscripted, series and films.

Lucid Dream is also at the forefront of modern content with a specialized interest in bringing tv and the metaverse together with the strong belief that good content surpasses all borders. With unique background experience covering production, development, acquisitions, and distribution, Nilufer Kuyel has worked closely with networks, international production companies and massive global brands. Nilufer Kuyel is a member of International Academy, has won the award for The Wall Project at Miptv international format pitch competition.



Do you need a distribution partner or catalogs you have the rights for that you’d like us to distribute, let us know. We are picky in the content we choose to distribute but we believe good content can come from everywhere.


We work hand in hand with writers and creators and if they need and if we believe we can add value, we can co-develop together.


Need more access to the world of TV, or have an idea but don’t know how to take it a step further, need help in sales – we can help. Based on your needs and number of hours we need to invest we can share our consultancy services.

Please don’t share with us any unsolicited material prior to any signed deal, anything you’ll share will be erased and your adress will be blocked.



I was born in 1979, either my first dream has started or I have just woke up that day. Who knows?

When I was a kid I only danced and sang. In 1990, during high school, I dived into the magical world of numbers, equations, and tasted the joy of literature. Proust, Camus, P. Auster, R. Barthes, Lichtenstein, Marquis de Sade, Oscar Wilde, Yukio Mishima, Beckett, Baudelaire, Walter Benjamin, Herman Hesse, Fernando Pessoa, Sylvia Plath, Edip Cansever, Orhan Veli, Castaneda, became my closest friends.

Raised by a family of musicians (symphony orchestra) music, I’ve always had a good ear for music, then I started singing in a choir. Mozart’s Requiem concert while my mother was playing viola in the orchestra, in Ephesus’ magical background was the dream achieved.  Somehow, I was more interested in words and images. In 1998, I decided to leave math studies behind and applied to study photography & film.



I loved studying art and never regret that I turned down the top universities to become an engineer. I learned a lot about life, myself and my vision broadened. My first solo exhibition “mise-en-scene” had an incredible impact. It was a conceptual photography series questioning about the reality of your own existence if there is no one to there to watch / see you. What I captured in the thesis is still beyond me. I think, any artistic idea can be seeded inside you but it shall grow beneath you and keep on inspiring you and others.

During that time,  I managed, financed and curated the first Photography Gallery in Izmir (my hometown). Although a big success, I felt the urge to follow stories instead of fancy openings and endless art discussions.

After I played with images and words for a while, I decided to study film and received a scholarship from Istanbul Bilgi University in 2003. The magical world of film studies… Also the harsh realization that I had to work to survive. The era of sleepless  nights at film sets, working for film festivals, assisting photographers and directors, producers…

I was invited as press and film critic to Mannheim – Heidelberg Film Festival. Watching hours of amazing films and sharing your interpretation of art with inspiring people. Wow, one of the best hours I spent in the dark, after the dark rooms when I was printing photos. I was to join Berlinale talent but writing didn’t pay the bills. Sadly I had to work and leave the magical world of  festivals behind, only to come back to it years after.


I’m so glad that I started my TV career with Sera Film and I’m proud to be their distribution partner. We have worked with all big brands, distributors, placed trendsetting formats, created the first ever Turkish format to win c21 award, initiated the production arm of Sera Film together. I have learned so much and will always be grateful. My ex-boss İdil Belli became my partner, my mentor and I’m so lucky to call her my friend. Sera Film created one of the most original studio game show “Qup” that I’m so proud to distribute.


Theme: Content

In 2009 I started as deputy head of acquisitions in a major network – ATV,  then head of acquisitions. While I was responsible for acquisitions and worked with many big brands like Sony, Fremantle, Keshet, Endemol, KBS, MBC, Nippon, Armoza, Mediaset… I saw the potential of Turkish Content, so together with my general manager we initiated the launch of ATV Distribution brand, now the biggest revenue generator.  Apart from acquiring titles which are still on air, I initiated the non-English scripted remakes acquisitions. I knew that Korean and Japanese drama would take over, at that time not many believed in me but look where we’re now.

In 2012 I decided that content is content and the same rules could apply to any content related industry. So I joined a team to build a kids theme park. We created, implemented, produced and helped finance the content in a theme park for kids. Content management does not solely belong to TV content right? I was disappointed that my aim to please kids was not fully satisfied. I was a bit naive to think that kids would be a priority. So when we established the theme park, it was my cue to leave. I also missed the people in the TV industry, they are fast, flexible to adapt in any environment, multicultural, open-minded, fun. Endemol Shine was calling for a position.


Working with Endemol Shine, I had the chance to work with many inspiring people globally, launched big global shows, acquired hits, created new shows  for brands, designed production hubs. There, I realized once again that borders are meaningless, they don’t even exist.


During the time I worked for Endemol Shine I was invited as a part time professor to teach the course: “International TV Formats & Development.” One of the most exciting, liberating, emotional work I have ever done. Kadir Has University made it happen and I loved connecting with the younger generation. Hopefully I inspired them a bit, they inspired me a lot.


I started the position as Head of Co-productions and Foreign Investments under Dogan Media Group’s umbrella. So many great projects to develop, finance, and so many opportunities to work with creative people. Well, the group has changed hands and our visions had to change. However I believed in the vision. But this time I knew I didn’t want to be inside the box , exposed to the office limitations. I decided to chase my dreams, and focus on what I can do: “tell stories, help people tell their stories, find creative and lucrative ways to tell the stories through film and television.”


Without the time and money needed to invest before founding a company, I had to choose a path, so I decided to buy back my freedom with blood, sweat and tears. Don’t do it, plan it first! But sometimes, you need to do what you need to do and say no to your comfort zone and logic, listen to your inner voice.

Now, I’m pleased to say that I work with people I like; inspiring and mind-opening. I work with projects I believe in; not every content has to be a global hit but matching the right content with right audience is always exciting. Creating stories starting from scratch is exciting. Meeting with people who also chase their dreams and witnessing the potentials become probabilities and probabilities to turn into reality, is exciting. Yes, there are many challenging parts to it; crazy working hours, paperwork, financing but sharing the dream and finding a way to make it happen is priceless.

I want to thank everyone who supported me and who challenged me equally, you all became a part of my story.

Thank you for reading, watching, walking, singing, dancing, celebrating with me.



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