NTV, TURKEY- 2022

What would you do if it were you?

A brand new, original, studio -based reality show where a well-known host slowly reveals the details of a real-life story of a difficult and often shocking situation and puts the question to our celebrity guest “What would you do if it was you?” The celebrity guest discusses and shares their honest feedback often revealing their own experiences, as they try to empathize with everyday people. After the celebrity has answered each question, the host will explain what happened with startling twists and turns. As a new piece of information is revealed, answering the simple question becomes more challenging for the celebrity guest. Empathy is a skill we all need to develop to understand the person and communicate compassionately. So, can our celebrities show us that they are not out of touch and can empathize with the everyday person? The viewer has the chance to witness a different perspective from their idol, but also get the chance to connect with their most loved celeb’s mind and heart. At the same time, real life stories of everyday people which are superficially mentioned in the news, finds a new arena for us to fully understand what really happened and why. In each episode there is one celebrity and 4 different stories.
A simple question but a difficult one to answer… “What Would You Do?”