45’ - 90’, STRIPPED



In life, rarely we have one-o-one dates. When we meet with someone, they are either with a group of friends and there is always a potential competition. Serve Yourself Up brings realistic approach to flirting. 5 singletons, picked out by a relationship coach, get the chance to know more about each other over a dinner table every night of the week. Each of them will be hosting the rest of the crowd at their own place. The contestants will try to impress each other while their competitors look for their soft spots. Relationship coach screens the evening and shares comments, advises for the hopeless singletons to better express themselves the next day. The host of each day not only entertains his/her guests but also reveals secrets about their personal life and past relationships. Each day the guests score the host.  In the final they also write down the person they want to date with. The highest scored competitor can only win prize money If he or she is preferred as a date, and they have a match. 

This stripped reality show brings dating and flirting skills to a different level. Tension increases in the cozy environment of their home. They each guest learn more about themselves and how their character and actions are perceived. This show is not about finding your soulmate, it is more of a social experiment for singletons to see themselves through different lenses and if they can, they get to win a cash award too.