TURKEY 2016

Waiting in a queue has never been more fun! Fast, fun, visual, play along game for all ages. 

“QUEUE UP” is a fast, frenetic, energetic take on a quiz show. Adults, kids, families, co-workers, groups of friends, even kids from the same school; anyone can line up to play QUP! 

The key is that the team members know each other well – both their strengths and their weaknesses! 

Things get crazy in QUP, when 3 teams of 4 players compete to win by queuing behind the correct answer. In this fast-paced trivia gameshow they don’t have to queue behind their team member if they assume he cannot give the right answer, they can jump to another line and still earn points.  “Does your teammate suck at math?” – Jump into another line. “Does your dad know nothing about current music?” Then switch fast and run to another team’s queue. If the buzzer hasn’t gone off, you can still change your mind and join the queue you like.  

The rules are simple: See the category, choose the team member who might be better in answering and send him to the booth at the beginning of the queue. When the question is revealed and if you believe your teammate will know the right answer, just queue up behind their booth. But if you don’t trust your teammate, then queue up behind the player that you believe will deliver the right answer! You can still gain points even when your team do not answer correctly, if only you queue behind the right line.  It comes to a very tactical play with 20 seconds to decide which queue to join without knowing which of the lifelines the players chose. 

Original, well-structured, and highly rated QUEUE UP brings back the shiny floor, family entertainment show we all missed.